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Hi! My name is Ea.
I’m a designer who love creating effective solutions that makes life easier.
User experience and visualizing content is what makes the difference.
So if you love visuals and infographics? You’ll love this!

But now… I’m super curious, Why are you here? What are you searching for?
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What I work with, as a Designer

Premium Branded Websites

Userfriendly WordPress Websites for Branding, or other purposes like selling digital products and online courses in webshops or membership areas

Infographic Design

Visual Communication, Data Visualization, Frameworks, Infographic – A way to easier understand complex information. Advanced, effective and good looking

User Experience Design

Wireframing, Organizing Content and User Flow, Increasing Usability for Websites & Apps and which I found, can also be used for optimizing printed products

My Story

13 years of Geekiness

Started my online adventure at 11-years old, by my first computer.

I sat there day and night, because I wanted to figure out how a website was made – the hard way. By downloading major websites, and look in their codes, eventurely I figured out how it worked.
#websites #coding #html #css #javascript #2001


Rewarded with topgrade and bronze medaile.

After 4 years of education I could call myself a Media Graphic Designer.
It was a big experience for me to gratuade, not only did I get top grades, but I was given a Bronze medaile for my good work.
#mediagraphicdesigner #2010

World wide DDB Agency

Worked with amazing people,
on building big brands.

One of the biggest agencies in the world, took me under their wing, and tought me all the skills I could possibly need. Together we liftet advanced projects, and created beautiful and effective work.
@ddbcopenhagen #agency #graphicdesign #print #packaging #mcdonalds #anthonberg #coloplast #faxekondi #codan #carlras #2007-2013

See the McDonald's Campaign

Visualizing Big Data

Data from your social profiles, merged into a infographic resume.

The proud designer behind Figured out how to transform complex data to dynamic infographics. Visually and userfriendly. Both for you, your team and your company. I was onboard from prototype to final product launch.
#webdesign #ui #ux #usability #flow #infographic #bigdata #socialmedia #prodii #2014

See Project

Founder of Visual Tools

Visuals that makes a big difference

Visual tools that helps kids and adults that need some extra support in their daily life, to integrate rutines, habits, that increase empowering mindset with rutines, planners, motivational reminders and much more. With the purpose of getting more energy, being more happy and deeply integrate all the reasons to love, you.
#visualcommunication #pictograms #kids #2014-2015

What people say about me

Ea is a multi-talented webdesigner and is highly knowledgeable and skilled in her area of expertise. I knew I had to up-level my website and have an online business brand that represents the vision I have for my business and attracts and engages my ideal clients. However being technically challenged, I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed to realize that I had a website that was costing me lost income and opportunities. I felt truly relieved when I connected with Ea and instantly knew I wanted her to build my website. Ea is a true professional and has the knowledge and skills to build a beautiful website that is a true reflection of you and that is also strategically build and designed to accelerate the growth of your business. Ea is super creative and offers an outstanding work that fully supports you holding your hand through the creative process, shares ideas and masterminds with you to create and build a website that will attract your ideal clients and opportunities that will position you and your business for success. I highly recommend Ea and her amazing services!

See my new website here >>

Valencia Mole

Personal Branding Consultant & Money Breakthrough Coach, Female Success Academy – London, United Kingdom

I help football players take better throw-ins and needed a logo for my online course. I now have the best logo in the world! I love it! If you want a professional logo that gets noticed, then it’s Ea you want to connect with. Ea is very creative and professional, and especially talented in having the customer engaged throughout the process. I have never before worked with such a talented designer like Ea – she gets my highest recommendations.

See my new logo here >>

Thomas Grønnemark

Trainer & Speaker, Throw-in

I have worked with Ea on several occasions and I can only recommend her, especially for her digital design and user experience skills. First of all, Ea has an amazing personality that shows in both her technical skills, and in her heart she has a sincere interest in people and in the projects she engages in. She has an animated way in describing her ideas that motivates to get the project executed. She is open and interested in your ideas and will brainstorm with you before trying the ideas off; which is where the new and better ideas come to life. Secondly, she is the sweetest and loveliest person that creates a good condition for the development of new projects and for good cooperation.

Christine Leth

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Ea is probably the most perfectionistic graphic designer I know. She is unusually organized, independent and very responsible. Nothing is random to Ea. She goes into all the details, and everything has to be in top quality for both the design and production. She thinks ahead and has a good overview of the tasks, and finally evaluates how to make things easier next time. She is also very creative and solves creative tasks on her own from start to finish. All these qualities have made Ea a highly qualified employee. When you add to this that she is a highly valued colleague who is good at discussing and sharing knowledge, and at the same time very social, then I can’t recommend her enough. Those who work with Ea will experience a loyal, efficient and responsible person. I will with confidence give Ea my best recommendations.

Maria Jørgensen

Graphic Designer, E-types – Copenhagen, Denmark

Do you consider working with me?

Or just want to get in touch – please, send me a message and I’ll get back to you.

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